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  • Resident Directors Training


    For those of you who live in flats or invest in flats, this will be of interest.

    The management of a block of flats is often controlled by leaseholders, via a Residents Management Company, a Residents Freehold Company, or a Right to Manage Company. This involves both company law and Landlord & Tenant law ... both of which are complex and ever-changing. Whether you're on the controlling side as a Resident Director - or the receiving side as a leaseholder/shareholder - you probably don't know all you should/could know in order to fully understand how the management of the building should be run.

    To help leaseholders, shareholders and Resident Directors update their knowledge and understanding, ARMA ... the Association of Residential Managing Agents ... is running a training event at the end of September > https://arma.org.uk/training-events/training-courses/tc101-resident-directors-training  Split over three days, there are three 2-hour sessions, which cover the following topics and more:

    • The Lease - demystified
    • The Company - what type is yours?
    • Three Hats - directors' various roles
    • Managing Agents - professional advice, needing support
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association - demystified too
    • The Law - the important bits to know
    • G D P R - don't get caught out
    • Meetings - when, who, what and why
    • The Neighbour From Hell - avoid the battle but win the war
    • First-tier Tribunal or Court - a layman's guide to the law in practice
    • Accounts - what money goes where and why
    • Section 20 - notices and practicalities
    • Right to Buy - what to do ... fast
    • Right to Enfranchise - when and how to succeed
    • Directors and Officers Insurance - "CYA"

    ... together with interactive questions and answers throughout. And all for a stupidly low price of £30 per person.

    I urge anyone who owns a flat, whether as an investment or as their home, to attend this live webinar course. You are guaranteed to learn something useful and I have no doubt that knowledge will save you more than the course fee.

    And for those who cannot attend at the end of September, there's my own online course ... at a higher price ... here > https://bernie-wales-school.thinkific.com 

    Whichever route you choose - enjoy learning leasehold :-)

    Bernie Wales, FIoD, FIRPM